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Friends of V8SHO.com

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This section is dedicated to the fine folks that have contributed funds to V8SHO.com to help cover the  operating expenses. V8SHO.com would like to thank the following people in no particular order for their contributions.



Well, folks, it's been two years since I last had to come begging for funds to keep up the site. The 2003 campaign demonstrated the massive generosity of all of our members.

I have just sent off the payment for our hosting service for the invoice due October 31, 2005, which will cover us through October 06 as well as some other site related expenses that occurred over the last two years.

I have stated before and I will state again, if you can't make a donation don't worry about it. Many people have donated many things over the years other than money. Just look at the resource that has been built over the many years we have been around.

People have contributed money, busted knuckles, time and effort. Each one has been a stepping stone that has brought us to where we are now.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Make sure you include your name. We want to acknowledge all who have helped. The amount is guided by your conscience.

Send your check made  payable to V8SHO.COM and mail it to the following address:

902 S. Main Street
 Washington, IL 61571

We will be only posting the names of those who have contributed. We will not post the amounts. Again, this is totally voluntary.  Please, if you have sent a payment, follow the link located on the site at: www.v8sho.com/SHO/Friends.html  If after a reasonable period of time you don't see your name posted, usually about a week, please contact me directly off list.

My Thanks to everyone who has supported me during my tenure. It means a lot to me personally.

Uncl Lar

Larry Eck
Webmaster, www.v8sho.com

10/21/05 - Just a programming note.  During the last two years we have leveled off at an average of about 500,000 hits per month on FAQ and have not had to bitch every month about bandwidth penalties for the list server.  We are still doing many orders of magnitude more traffic than either Mike Ivy or Bill Moore ever envisioned all without any sponsors or banners.

 Thanks to all who contribute in V8SHO an any fashion and make this resource possible. - Buford


From this point forward in time, If you are so inclined please just forward your check to Don. We have shut down the PayPal. Paul has a life to, believe it or not. We have been successful enough to keep the site alive for at least the next two years.
V8sho.com is devoted solely to the GIII and there is @ 9 years worth of information on it. This is in no small measure to the the forefathers of the site I have inherited. I will keep it going with all of the knuckle busting, first hand information that comes our way.
This is also a valuable resource for GIII info. Make sure you throw a few nickels in the bucket to keep this list alive.
V8sho@v8sho.com is dedicated only to the GIII and over the years there have been many find folk who have donated there time and expertise to help keep these guys running.
Not a pitch - just a statement of fact.
You will note that more often than not, the older members of this list refer back to links on the V8SHO site. They just didn't' get there because master Yoda said so.
We will never accept a dime from any "sponsor" that is selling their product. It is a totally self supporting site. As such we are proud that our members have learned more than the engineers have already forgotten about our cars.
Again Not a pitch for dough, we are good for another two years, however there will come a time where I will draw the line in the sand and say no more out of my pocket.
Think about it.

Uncle Lar


Timothy Wright Larry Eck Clare Allenby Roman Steichen
Carter Fuji Rick Bergstrom Brian Smith Martin Morawski 
Brad Redmond Charles Mekbel Douglas Lewis Ryan Dudek
Richard J Larsen Pierre Fogal James Jensen Ravinder Walia
John Hamilton Ian Macoomb Beth McCormack Heather Rice
Bradley Bender David Conners William Fickas Ronald Porter 
Heath LaRue Lucien Frederick Michael Yeager Chris Farmer
David Witte Joseph Zucco Eric Lehmann Don Mallinson
Seth Kuiper David Manke Chris Farmer Ryan Pasch 
Richard Wills Rene Carlos Cruz John Stout Jason Kennedy
Rex Mauney Paul Nimz Amy Patterson Lindsey Briggs


Want to thank everyone who contributed to the most recent passing of the hat. Looks like, if nothing else changes, we will be around to hound Ford for at least another 2 1/2 years. And to help those yet unidentified folks who will pick one up and not know how many gallons their tanks really do hold!! Thanks again to all.

Larry Eck



Just a note of explanation, last year we raised enough money for "two years", well that was the plan anyway. Well we also paid a bandwidth penalty about every other month. When we changed the server this June I doubled our storage and bandwidth allotment. Because that was still not enough when Larry renewed our contract this month he doubled our server space and bandwidth allotment again. 

I guess the good news about the bandwidth penalty is it means growth.  Big Dog remembers when he never saw 1 GB  per month. Mike Ivy remembers when he never thought we would never reach 2 GB per month. I nagged, bitched and moaned to try to keep us under our 6 GB, then 8 GB limit, then 10.4 GB limit. Fact is nobody thought we would sustain a 20% growth per month over a several year period.

Thanks to everyone's generosity during the last pledge week I did not have to pass the hat every month this year when we shot our bandwidth budget to hell during the last 12 months. We spent a lot of time on bandwidth probation. We did hand V8SHO over to Larry in the black, and thanks to Mike Ivy we even have our domain name paid for in advance for until something like Dec 2008?

Last month that Fud wise guy said we are not accountable to anybody. Well we are accountable. We serve the V8 SHO owner community without the advantage or encumbrance of banners or sponsors.  The Fud guy was right however in that, we are an independent (and perhaps contrary) lot and thanks to the generosity of the folks below I hope we can remain faithful to our responsibilities. Maybe the best news is we have triple the participants as we did last year. I think that means all agree that Larry is doing a great job as webmaster & fearless leader.


Tim Wright Larry Eck Donald Rimdzius Glen & Becky Murdock
John Hamilton  Charles Mekbel William Wilson III Ronald Porter
Paul Nimz Bradley Bender Carter Fujibayashi James Aldrich 
Michael Yeager Richard J Larsen Michael Testa Rene Carlos Cruz
Kenneth Kopecky Buck Seibert Clarence Allenby Rick Glass
Bob and Anonda Gervais John Stout Matthew Speck Ian Macoomb
Damon Koch Lindsey&Deborah Briggs Rob Parker Mike Gaunt
Alan Primm Scott Krietemeyer Michael Conklin John Jones
Lee Rogers James Jensen Carey Clabaugh John Weidmann
Steve Andriks  Andrew Tamm Tim Cole Kirk Doucette
Robert Lookhoff Heather Rice Eric Lehman Eric Uenas
Andre Demels Michael Doughtie Patricia Winsemius Gordon Gregg
Roger Davenport Jeff Levens Harry Skruch Joe Zucco
Billy D. James Dave Witte Richard Reeder Sam Enfield
John McDivitt Richard Lenoard Mark Cenit Don & Jan Mallinson
John Sheets Ronald Fleshman Bill Gillam Roger Davenport
Amy Sheetz Richard Wills Keith Pearson Larry Taylor
Eladio Nando Willie Orpurt Tony Sabar Reka Zsigmond.
Rob Lawn Steve Tatro John Mikovec David R. Flamer
David L. Deines Steve Roberts Brian & Margaret McFeeters Rick Bergstrom
Mark Cenit

As of this moment, including the checks I have to send to our accountant, *drum roll please* the generous members of V8SHO have contributed enough to keep us running a few years. I am at a loss as to how to express my appreciation to everyone. All the members should know that we have a disinterested third party accountant who maintains the account for us. It is set up this way to maintain absolute integrity with the donations. We needed a minimum of $395.00 for the upgrades which is what I sent. Obviously, we are covered unless as stated before we bust the GB limit - we better not!!

 My thanks to all who responded so quickly, and to those will will be responding. This is how we maintain our independence, we are self reliant.  Any excess amounts will be applied to next year's subscription. Or, if we bust the list limit, to save our butts from being shut down. (happened three times this past year.) Paul has told me that my math may be off just a bit. PayPal extracts their pound of flesh. 

Any further contributions will of course be noted here. 

Again, my heartfelt thanks. Buford was correct last year - SHO folk are special folk - you have proved that.

Uncl Lar



Timothy Wright, Decatur IL

Martin Morawski, La Jolla, CA Bill Moore (Big Dog), Manchester, NH Rob Parker, La Porte City, IA
Damon Koch, Acworth, GA Lindsey Briggs, Georgetown, KY Charles Mekbel, Metamora, OH Paul Mellum, Coon Rapids, MN
Jay Kellogg, Asheville, NC SHO Club
Don & Jan Mallinson
 Washington, IL
Brian Smith
Washington DC
Benjamin Sprague
Ripon WI
Douglas Tyllick
Austin TX
Tim Dove, 
Huntersville NC
John McDivitt 
 Hummelstown  PA
Gregory Hamman
 Clarkston  MI
Glen Murdock
Port Lavaca, TX
Larry Eck
Wheaton IL
Christopher Kepus
Placerville  CA
Rene Carlos Cruz
Warren MI
James Merriman
Southington  CT
Barry Broering
Wyoming MI
Kenneth Wong & Wai Sim Cheung,
 Ny Ny

These folks have made it possible to stay sponsor free here at V8SHO.com.
  If you would like to help out see pledge week.

Funny thing this year, I lowered the suggested donation from $20 to $15 because last year we had enough money and so less money from more folks seemed like a plan. It did not work, about half the donors gave well in excess of $20 each and did not want their level of their contribution known. 

Generous and modest, I always knew SHO folks were in a league of their own. Any contributions in the mail or received latter will be either used for next year or to upgrade our bandwidth if required. Many thanks for the support.


Timothy Wright

Don Mallison Shepard Mims Parker Brooks
Doug Tyllic David Deines Paul Nimz Eric Eaton
Carter Fujibayashi Bob Fijal  Doug Bennett Kenny Kopecky
Leslie Radovanovich William Moore June Han Clare Allenby
Doug Tyllick Charles Cooper Chris P. Andretta John Wilson
Scott Eddy Anthony Mikolich Ryan Dudek Dennis Peters
Vincent Aimes Chuck Hernandez Jason Tetreault John Hamilton
Ron Porter Craig Wall Fred Cwik Christian Andretta
Robert Zeihm Willaim Byrer


P. Nimz

A. Ueland

B. Running

M. Hlady

C. Casselton

T. Wright

G. Paul

G. Murdock

R. Moore

R. Porter

D. Bennett

R. Fijal

J. Eaton

W. Wall

D. Deines

P. Brooks

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