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Front Main Seal

new 10/26/2007

Has anybody replaced a seal, or even had to replace a seal? I seem to have a small oil leak at the front of the engine and before I search for it, it seems that the front main seal would be the likely culprit. Or maybe it is a PS fluid leak.

Front main is just like any other front main.... And is pretty straight forward.

Scott K
Sorry, but I would lean more towards the PS tube fitting leak. I have had my front cover off more then I can recall and have yet experienced the front seal seeping. That's not to say it wouldn't but I have never experienced it if half a dozen removals. Only thing I have been sure to do is use a fine emery cloth on the balancer pulley before replacing it.

Carter Fuji
What color is the fluid? PS fluid is red.

Front main - without a doubt, the hardest part is getting the main
crank pulley/harmonic dampener off. If it is torqued properly it is
stupid tight. An impact gun is almost a must here. There are two holes
in the pulley face for jack-screws to press the pulley off. They
really DO have threads in there. When you get the pulley off it is
important to check the shaft extension section of the pulley where the
seal rides - if there is a deep groove there chances are a new seal
will leak too.
You can't get the pulley shaft clean enough for reassembly, either.
Use a little light grease like Vaseline on the shaft and rub it on the
seal too before reassembly. Even a tiny nick on the seal will leak
Tightening down is Impact gun material too. I've made a special plate
that I bolt to the pulley using the jack-screw holes to immobilize the
crank while torquing the pulley bolt.

Eric Lehmann
too many Sho's to list anymore
Including SHOR.T.S M90
It's also very important to put a dab of silicone in the keyway when reassembling the dampener on the crank. It's not an issue with the V-6 engine, but the V-8 will seep oil out from under the bolt.
Doug Lewis
Ford Performance Specialists Inc.

Good Tech tidbit. Thanks.

Eric Lehmann

The problem is if I call you for a PS o-ring, it will cost me a lot more than that for everything else I'm going to want to order.


*Note* Uh yup FPS is a SHO boy toy store!! There are worse things!!*

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