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Front Hub Assembly Replacement


Is it possible to obtain the service manual pages concerning front hub replacement? I'm able to get a used hub assembly from Al Fitz for $65 shipped. I'd like to try and do this myself over a weekend. What all is involved, and are there any special tools needed? Some diagrams and service manual documentation would be great.



There are three bolts on the back of the spindle that hold the hub in. Remove those three bolts and the axle retainer nut, with a large jaw puller the hub should slide out. A brand new hub and bearing assembly shouldn't be much more than 65 dollars, if I was you I would buy a new one.

Getting the bolts out of the back of the wheel bearing is next to impossible with the halfshaft in place, especially one of the three bolts IIRC. But with the right shallow sockets, and wobble extensions it might be possible.

I had to disconnect the lower ball joint and tie rod to swing the knuckle out to clear the end of the halfshaft so that I could remove the bolts securing the hub in order to replace the wheel bearing.

PS: I paid almost $100 for a wheel bearing, and about 45 for a ball joint, then we found the pair of loaded front knuckles on ebay for 100.....

Scott Krietemeyer

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