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Front Swaybar Install Directions

new 8/21/04

I am trying to upgrade my front right now. To the 24mm. I got out the old one with a little fighting, and am now trying to install the bigger one. Anything to make it easy I spent 2 hours fighting to get it in yesterday . I removed the tie rod ends from the knuckle. Anything else? Do I need to lower the subframe?

Yesterday I was trying to slide it in from the drivers side, which is the side I pulled the old one out of. Today I am going to try and slide it in the passenger side, see if I have any better luck…. I hope to get to the rear one today or tomorrow…



from Kirk

1.Jack you car up and place it on jack stands. Place jack stands on jacking points of the body (you will see notches)

2. Get a board large enough to support the engine and trans (20” long of 2x6 is what I use)

3. place board under motor and trans to support it

4. Loosen and remove the lower bolts of the front endlink

5. Remove rear subframe bolts

6. Lower slowly the engine cradle until you can see the 13mm bolts attaching the bar to the car.

7. go to sears and buy a 13mm ratchet wrench

8. loosen and remove the 13mm bolts

9. remove the bar

Install follow directions from 9-1 you could take pics of each step

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