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Frozen Rotors

New 7/12/05

UPDATE 7/13/05


We do all the cryo-treating for Power Slot and I would encourage your group to buy the Power Slot cryo's from Tire Rack. They are an excellent company to work with and they have a good stock on these rotors. We also have our Frozen Rotor brand brake rotors available at Tire Rack but unfortunately not for your cars.

Timothy, If any of your members have questions regarding these two lines of brake rotors please have them call.


I had a brake job only 8k ago, new rotors & pads at all 4 corners. The old Cyro rotors from Carbotech lasted 70k, they were thinner but still true.

Well the replacement rotors with green stuff pads developed high spots in only 8k.

So I called Carbotech only to learn that they are out of the Cyro rotor business. (Damn)

Carbotech did recommend www.frozenrotors.com in Burnsville MN (1-888-323-8456) but they would need to treat a set, then ship, and I needed a set right away.

Frozen Rotors was kind enough to send me brochures and pamphlets and bumper stickers. I called and spoke to Mark, who offered that any SHO owner who mentions V8SHO would get free ground shipping, for the next few months only.

I think their stuff should be worth a try. By the end of this month, after the Indy convention, a few 100 SHO owners may be searching for fresh rotors.

I much prefer the 70k plan over the 8k plan.

Try 'em,
let me know how it goes,
I'll post the results here.


I just spoke to them on the phone, they just started to treat 3 sets of rotors, so if anyone calls, this time they can ship.  Thanks Frozen Rotor.

BTW, they asked me if I know a SHO owner name Mike Courtney?

Yep, we know 'em.  ;-) 


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From: Brian Phillips/Rcac <BPhillips@rcac.org>
To: Larry@v8sho.com
Sent: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 14:27:19 -0700
Subject: Cryo frozen rotors

I noticed your most recent update had a subject on Cryo rotors.I wanted to include a resource for Cryo rotors. I just purchased a set of PowerSlot Cryo-treated rotors from the Tire Rack. In stock, ready to ship, $139 ea.
Web link: http://www.tirerack.com/brakes/results.jsp?autoMake=Ford&autoModel=Taurus+SHO&autoYear=1998&category=Pads&category=Rotors&autoModClar=

Good luck to everybody at the convention. Wish I could make it.
Brian Phillips
'98 Silver Frost
Ukiah, CA

Thanks Timothy for this posting. I can run the free freight (ground ups) till the 15th of September. Bill, my partner, ordered rotors in for the V8 SHO's today so we will have them available by Monday the 18th.

Thanks again,

Mark Link
Diversified Cryogenics

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