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Fuel Pump Replacement

New 8/2/05

For the last 3 months I have been suspecting my fuel pump was bad. I have been getting good readings on the pump pressure though. 30-40 with 35 while cruising the norm. The last week while driving in slow city traffic and with under a 1/4 tank of gas the engine has been stalling on me. Yesterday with the fuel pressure gauge secured to the windshield wiper it stalled at a stop light but only after the pressure started dropping and the spiking back to 35 psi.

Today I am dropping the tank and while pumping the fuel out using the fuel pump the first quart came out good then it started spitting air. Eventually I got 2.5 gallons out of it. Odd thing that I noticed before when changing the fuel filter and again today is a rd color to the gas. After running a quart or two our the red color disappeared.

Anyone have the part number for the fuel pump?

Paul Nimz

The number on the OEM pump is
10/26/96 3

On the new one I have is
09/12/98 2

Anyone know the difference or know of a web site that you can look up Ford part numbers?

Paul Nimz

Anyone got any tips on removing the pump itself from the tank?


I started by dropping the tank, used a brass punch to turn the locking ring, lift the float/pump assembly from the tank. If I recall correctly there is one or two small phillips screws that hold the top of the pump housing and then a pair of pinch clips. Lift the cap off then the pump should pretty much be exposed. The fuel line in the top is the only thing I don't recall right this minute how it was secured but it wasn't difficult. Putting in a bigger pump though required a little Dremmel work and some trial and error. Plug was identical though.

Carter Fuji

Dang! The one time I can actually return one of about a 1000 favors to Paul and Carter beats me to it! The toughest part for me was getting the tank out. With my figure and the creeper there was only about 2" left to drop the tank. I resorted to my floor jack which was fine until I tried to roll it out from under the car and all the remaining gas shifted to the rear and pretty much just dropped it on the driveway. Not hard enough to do any damage but definitely not graceful. Once the tank was out it was pretty much like Carter described.


I did it a little differently. I ran the car out of gas, THEN I started futzing with the now Empty tank. It doesn't seem so heavy that way..... Also - I put in a BBK Mustang pump from Summit Racing. It was a Drop In after I swapped a couple of soft parts off the old Factory pump. The filter sock needed to be folded in half and secured with a staple but that was it for mods.


Factory - BBK Compare.JPG (11015 bytes)


Are you saying your frame has alignment problems??? :)

I did pump out the fuel first by hot wiring the fuel pump lead at the inertia switch. Got most of it out. The only real problem was the strap bolts of course which were pretty rusty. An impact wrench and copious use of nut buster juice helped get it out without damage. I did rip the smaller fuel filling hose trying to get it loose form the external plumbing though.

It's already to go in today with a coat of rusty metal primer and three coats of glossy Fire red paint. The tank has a rubberized coating on it. This is what actually caused the corrosion as water got under it and was eating away at the edges where the two tank halves meet.

Looks like I will probably be dropping it again in the future to replace the brake lines that are corroding too. I did for now, coat then in an aerosol Vaseline that coats everything and stays there.


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