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new 3/31/2004

Dear Larry:

I want to thank you for your great website V8SHO.com and all the great info on it. I live in Guntersville AL. and just found a great deal on a 97 ATX, SHO Burgundy/Gray the car had every option but the kitchen sink, but after reading all the horror stories on your site i just had to turn it down, the dealer couldn't prove that the cams were or were not welded and wouldn't come off the price for me to have it done.. The car was only $5995.00 but as I have to work for my money and just this side of broke I had to let it go.. I didn't want to be on the cam failure list with a multi thousand dollar repair bill, (I was going to use all my income tax check to buy it) and I knew if I had bought it would be a couple of months before I could get the money to have them welded, and in the mean time I would have to drive the car because my current car (a 87 Acura Integra with 222 thousand miles on it is about to go) I would be driving my new SHO.. Thanks to your site and all of your members I am a more informed buyer and will not buy a 96-99 SHO that has not been welded (unless the price is too good and I have the money left over to get it done FIRST) so THANKS VERY MUCH FOR SAVING ME A TON OF MONEY!!

Future SHO owner, Jeff T.

Jeff, you're one of the lucky few who found us first. Our site is littered with the stories of cam failure victims who find us the day after.

The site was started a number of years ago as merely a gathering place for folks who loved this car. It has unfortunately turned into the funeral chapel of the GIII SHO. We should remember Mike, and Tim as the real pioneers and builders of V8SHO.COM  - I'm just the caretaker for the time being.

Good Luck and let us know when you finally get your SHO.



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