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GM Rear Control Arms for the SHO

new 5/25/04, thanks Paul!

Got the GM arms installed today.  What a difference.  :) 

Might have to go down to a 24mm rear bar since it stiffens the back end up so much.  I would recommend this before the 26mm bar upgrade.   Wasn't going to break out the race rubber for Thursday but the first corner I took at a good speed told me the Nittos weren't going to hack it.   

That and Kirk's ....   Here are some pics of the OEM arms.  You can see the exocentric that is used for the toe adjustment in the rear.  

Paul Nimz '97 TR '93 EG mtx

Well I didn't do the work and would not recommend anyone do it themselves unless they have use of good air tools. I did watch and my BIL's brother who is a most religious man and he almost started cussing...... Took him ~2 hours with a rear end alignment. An added benefit is you can spread out the rear tires to come close to matching the front width. No trimming was required of the arms. If you have the proportioning valve plugs then you need not worry about this either. Otherwise you will have to figure out how to attach the valve to the front arm.

Only things you need are 4 GM arms part number 10329694 and available from www.gmpartsdirect.com for about $220 delivered and a bushing set from http://www.shonutperformance.com/ part number SNP-GTPRS which is $40.00. This includes 8 sleeves and 8 washers. You may want to get 8 new OEM bolts before you start but mine were reusable.

Paul Nimz '97 TR '93 EG mtx

The OE stamped steel arms never impressed me much, but if this changes the rear track that too can cause issues. I don't know what to think.


I am off to the bone-yard tomorrow. What year, and or kind of car can I get these GM rear arms from? What should I look for..



These arms are off of Pontiac Grand Prixs and Buick Regals (I think). There have been several part numbers used by GM over the years. The current part number is a direct fit length wise. #10329694 years '97-'01

If you get used ones there is only one adjustable one per side OEM from GM so you will need to find two cars to get 4 adjustable rods (as GM calls them). And the pre '97s are a bit long and need trimming (so I been told).

Paul Nimz '97 TR '93 EG mtx

The arms are found on the 97' - 03' Grand Prix's and 98' - 03' Regal GS's. The current part number from GM (if buying new) will require you trimming 1/4 inch off of each side of the arm in order to get it to fit with a good range of adjustment. The pre-97' Grand Prixs did not use this style. IIRC they actually used a leave spring in the rear with a solid axle.

The front arms will be the adjustable units.

Best Regards,

Midwest SHO - For Everything SHO!

The arms I got needed no trimming at all. In fact they were spread out and not fully turned in at all.

Paul Nimz

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