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GM Arms With Brace

new 6/5/04, thanks Paul

Kirk had the though that the GM arms might still flex a bit and that a brace would help out. I made up this out of 3/4" aluminum split collars and some 5/16 x 24 18-8 SS threaded rod. Installed it half way and locked it down.

Easy to make and only about $27 including S/H. I had a 5/16"x 24 hole drilled and tapped for the rod. Cut the rod to 6&7/8". Got the collars and rod at www.McMaster.com

6436K72 Two-Piece Clamp-On Collar Aluminum, 3/4" Bore, 1-1/2" Outside Dia, 1/2" Width
98805A030 18-8 Stainless Steel Threaded Rod 5/16"-24 Thread, 2' Length

Also found out I have a bad wheel bearing on the left rear. :(

Paul Nimz '97 TR '93 EG mtx



You will also see from this pic the location of the washers on my car. They need to be on the inside to keep the bars parallel. With them at the outside it narrows the bars at the knuckle about an 1/8".

The other thing I will do at the next alignment is to move the adjusting nuts to the inside by the box for weight distribution purposes.


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