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Gen III SHO Bi-Xenon HID Projector Install

new 11/14/2009

It was hard to hold off but I wanted to show them off in person at the meet yesterday before posting pictures. I need to get a few better ones even but I wanted to show everyone what I've built. I retrofitted true Bi-Xenon HID projectors into my stock SHO headlights! they use D2S bulbs, 35W ballasts. being bi-Xenon they have both high and low beams using a solenoid to move the cutoff shield out of the way for the high beam. there is also a high beam shield with shapes the light for the best output. I used an after market projector which is very closely based on the Infinity FX projectors. The company reverse engineered the FX projectors and modified the cutoff shield slightly, replaced the Fresnel lens with a clear lens, and added some mounting points to make it easier for retrofitters to install them.

I spent about 2 weeks putting this set together working in the evening after work and during the weekends. designing and building the mounting plate was the most time consuming part. I wanted to build something that would look great when it was on or off. the mounting plate is made out of 1/8" lexan with an aluminum sheet on the top end. this gave me the ease of cutting, rigidity, and heat tolerance that I was after. The results are just awesome!

the LED strip you see in there is the Audi mod. I'm going to replace that strip with a different style here shortly. I love the Audimod look but I also painted the insides of the headlights flat black along with the retrofit, as a result those LED strips stand out much more now than they did against he reflective background. I found a new LED strip which has a black circuit board and much smaller LEDs. they aren't quite as bright but should be close, they will blend in much better. I'll get some more pictures once that's done, it will look nicer then.

They way they are designed the stock adjusters still work just like they should, so they aiming is accomplished using the factory adjustment points.

















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