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Gen 3 Blower Pics

new 5/22/02

Don and Tim,
 Here is the release of gen 3 blower pics that the public can see .

PLEASE DIRECT ALL QUESTIONS TO fordtaurus97sho@aol.com

mvc-004f.jpg (66145 bytes)mvc-005f.jpg (66244 bytes)mvc-006f.jpg (63514 bytes)mvc-008f.jpg (71494 bytes)

dbl click on thumbnails to get the enlarged photos

Well are latest project here at shofast as been the gen3 supercharger project here is some pics of the 6psi kit utilizing the powerdyne blower . Kits can be bought with a powerdyne or a vortech blower. Powerdyne makes for an easier install process since you do not need oil lines. Kits will be ready for sale right away. Price will be around $4,500 for the base kit or $5,500 - $6,000 for the 16psi kit that I am using .

please direct all question in this matter to me fordtaurus97sho@aol.com

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