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Gen III Body Kits

New 8/2/05

Please help me compile a list of possible body kits for our beautiful cars. I found two kits so far, and could use some help.

1.) Andy's Auto Sport C-27 Kit http://www.andysautosport.com/bodykits.php?id=Fo96Taurus&brand=AAS

2.) Razzi 211-200 Kit http://www.andysautosport.com/bodykits.php?id=Fo96Taurus&brand=Razzi

So far I am leaning towards the first one, the AAS C-27 kit. It seems to fill the car out in just the right way. Post all the other ones you have found, I want to get a kit to make my SHO stand out from the weakling trimlines.

-- Eric Hildebrand

Is it me or do these body kits make the gen III look bloated? - Jason

Your SHO doesn't already stand out from the SLOs? Granted, the darker colors (TR, ES, etc) tend to hide the front air dam a little bit more, as well as the rear lines, but the SHO stands out quite nicely compared to a SLO.

The AAS body kit has a SLO front opening. The squared-off rear bumper and elimination of the rounded side spoilers also look like AAS, and detract from the SHO looks. That body kit would make it look more like a SLO with a crappy body kit than a SHO, IMNSHO.

The only kit that ever had much appeal to me was the RAGE kit, and even then, I still didn't like the way the front end looked.

-John Breen III

To me one of the nice things about the SHO is the ability to be a sleeper.

Yesterday a guy in a Corolla S wanted to race, after two stop lights he rolled down the window and just said, a Taurus isn't meant to be that fast.


Rav we don't race Corolla's - tha's just a mercy kill. :}

Larry E

Yeah but this was the first guy I met after I had just sorted out the coil.

Yeah at the second light I just didn't even bother. I thought it might have been like the integra type R. There was one in the UK, I used to run against and that was quick.


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