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Gen lV Front Clip On A Gen lll

New 10/05/2004

Anyone ever put a 2000 up front clip on a 96/99 Taurus . I've been looking at the body kits and like the aggressive design they have for the 2000 up Taurus better w/the larger grill opening .
I have located the fenders , hood , headlights , and such (Front clip) already for a good price . I was just wondering if it will fit w/ease or not .

B.King 13


Yup, saw one pull into Eric's drive way a while back for a cam weld - we were chuckling until he opened the hood. Opps:{
Actually looked pretty good. Maybe Eric would post up that picture???



He lives in the St.Louis Region. Scared the hell out of me when he drove 5 = hours to my place and pulls up in a car that was "obviously" a Duratech V6 car. Car is a 99 that got smacked pretty hard. Body shop offered the option of Gen 3 or Gen 4 for about the same cost and the owner preferred the Gen 4 look so here you have it.
Also - 39 k - front exhaust cam going out. Doh!

Eric Lehmann
97 Ebony - welded
97 Toreador Red # 285 - welded
96 Willow Green # 326 - welded
91 Jade Plus SHO-fa

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