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Good Rim News

new 7/24/03

I got hold of Don Kane VP USA for Team Dynamics,

My favorite the Cosmos style is not coming back and so is the tooling is history.  I paid about $200 per rim and they were light, strong and true. (and in my case easy to keep clean since they only have 5 spokes)

Team D currently has a 17 x7 in "pro race1" style


Bottom 2 lines of chart below are pre-production best guesses.

Size  Offset  PCD  Stud  Weight 
7.0 x 17  30/35mm  98 - 120  4/5 8kg - 17lb 
7.0 x 17 40/45/50mm  98 - 120  4/5   8kg - 17lb 
7.5 x 17 45 mm SHO 5 17 lbs
8.0 x 17  35 mm? SHO 5 19.x

Don told me they will make a 17 x 7.5" and a 17 x 8" for us (in the correct offset) for $150, $165 each which is a great price.

Right now the wheels come in white, Anthracite (black) and primer. A natural would be nice. it is a 12 spoke design which sucks for cleaning break dust but the price is great.

Don gave me these weights,

17 x 7.0        16.17 lbs
17 x 7.5  - less than 17 lbs
17 x 8.0  - less than 20 lbs.

OE 16 x 6.5 ford rim 18.8 lbs. So you may be able to run 17 x 8.0 for one pound more than the OE rim.

Don is willing to work with us to figure out the correct offset for 17 x 8" which would be great for 245/45 ZR17 tires but I think may be too much rim/tire for the car. ( 45 mm less 1/2" ~ 32 mm offset?)

Don's phone # in CA is 888-384-7779. Please tell him V8SHO sent you.

This may be a limited production, and last chance to get light weight strong rims for our SHOs at anything near this price.

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