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Good Time to Argue the Best Cure

new 62/2/02

I'm not sure if this is the opportune time to start debating a type of fix with Ford. I would think that we should wait and first have Ford officially acknowledge a problem with their product, then let them propose a solution of whatever kind. When Ford recognizes the problem and need for action we could then open the debate of the type of fix we think is applicable for our cars. I know the timing will be key wrt suggesting our fix, I would also bet that the delegate assigned to this by Ford has already reviewed all of our posted mat'l on this topic. If Don or Tim require an official proposal written wrt a fix to present to Ford, all they have to do is put the word out. You don't want to yank the rod to hard on that first nibble, we might lose the fish.

Just my thoughts, never been involved or around a situation like this before.

BTW, I have been in contact daily with Ford of Canada all week via email. My concern forwarded to Ford of Canada's desk! I received the usual reply with a tracking number, then a personal reply asking for more detail. I provided as much of a tech doc as I dared keeping in mind who was going to be reading it. Another reply back stating that Ford Engineering is looking into this situation It does seem that it is off the desk of Customer Service and in the hands of the techies.

John Hamilton (Hammy)
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