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Grand Theft SHO

New 11/24/05

Yesterday afternoon my wife calls me at work. She tells me that her Gen III SHO was stolen while she was getting the kids ready to go shopping. This is the same car I took 6 months 2 dealerships and about 400 miles to get. She had left the keys in it while it was warming up. She saw the guy drive off our drive way and drive off. Its really a nice car but our insurance company said it wasn't worth the policy. Now someone just drove off in it. On my way home..guess what I see. My car passing me by with someone else driving it. It probably the only graphite metallic Gen III SHO with a Cubs "C" magnet on the quarter panel. I don't know if it cause of all the Charles Bronson/Chuck Norris movies I've seen or what but I pull a "U" turn in My Gen II SHO. I get right next to him. He looked really startled. I inched closer...here I'm thinking how I'm going to do this causing the most minimal damage to both cars. Don't have full coverage on the other one either. Just then I saw him look forward. I knew he was thinking about gunning it. Checking traffic and such. As we all know our SHOs will reach 80 MPH like right now. So used the Gen II and cut him off before speeds got dangerous. He throws it into park jumps outs and starts to run. I catch him and proceeded to "physically" inform him not to steal my wife's car again. If you know what I mean. After that I held him down til police came. Needless to say they loved it. Once they came they took him away in an ambulance. He needed a few stitches after I was through with him. I was told he had done it before and got away from them smashing the car he was driving a few weeks ago. He's now in jail where he belongs. Both cars have minimal damage. I'm just happy I got it back. Just one strange thing though, I saw another black Gen III in front of it. Was it his partner??? Was it going to be stripped for parts for this car??? I guess I will never know. With our engine issues I wonder it has come to this... stealing other Gen IIIs for parts? Everyone watch your cars, click your alarms and lock your doors. You just never know.

Just want to say that I have had SHOs approx 8 years. All different years and Gens. I also, want to say that I have done and can do cam welds. Eric "E1" has seen my welds and approved them. I also perform other numerous mechanical repairs. If your interested and want me send you pictures of the work I can do just drop me an email. I can also offer a cheap flat bed towing service.

Matt Duque

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