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Grateful For This List

New 03/18/2005

Two nights ago I joined sho forum in hopes of increasing my knowledge of the SHO. I see already that isn't going to happen. For one thing it's a PITA to post on there and a number of the replies I saw were just a waste of time, and you can't attach anything (except for an abundance of smiley's). I don't know, perhaps I missed something or just ran across their list at a bad time. Either way I have a new found appreciation for the V8SHO site and list, particularly the fact that we all receive everything and can send cool pictures, story's and the occasional joke. Thanks again.
Jason Barker
Both SHO Forum and V8SHO are extended families, but we have a better class of village idiots.


That's why we are here sir.

Larry Eck
Occasional Webmaster
Cam Failure #425
Thereís a lot of good info there, as well as some smart people, but you have to dig through the poop to find the pony. Now, this is in the Gen 1/2 section. I havenít been to the Gen 3 section in ages, but a few years back, the good info there was pretty thin.
Ron Porter
I agree, this list is a fantastic resource. Two examples: last year
when my starter motor crapped out, you folks emailed me directions on
how to change out and where to find a reasonably priced replacement.
Then this year, when one coil failed, you sent me information about
what the error code meant and which cylinder to check. Not to mention
getting to know Eric Lehmann and Larry Eck, cam welding, and just a
lot of genuinely nice people who come from different backgrounds, but
still (usually) get along and the love for our cars. Kudos to the
v8SHO website.

I would be amiss if I didn't add my 2 cents worth. Although I don't
participate a great deal, this list has saved me a ton of headache in
just this last year. The A/C problem that exists on many f our cars
was repaired even though I had to almost force the mechanic to remove
the shim because he didn't think that was the problem. I finally
convinced him that I would be totally responsible for it working or
not. He did as many have recommended and it has worked fine since.
Even simple things like dome light switches hanging up would baffle
many if it weren't for the list. Thanks so much to everybody!!!!!!
Oh, and by the way, I have tried to find similar lists for my and
friends other cars and I could find nothing to compare. So we
really do have a rare gem here.


This is not about the individuals who have held the keys to the kingdom over the past years, but the members themselves who have built this site with their experiences. There is more practical information contained in this site, IMHO, than there is in Helms, Furd CD's etc. Everything contained here has been gleaned from having your collective cars up on jack stands because Ford Master Techs don't want to touch our cars. So collectively we have become forced experts on the maintenance and repair of these cars.


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