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Greg Texley - Cam Failure #481

New 12/09/04

Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2003 11:40:03 -0400
From: Greg Texley <Greg.Texley@plantemoran.com
To: webmaster@v8sho.com


I would just like to add my recent engine replacement to your ongoing list. I own a 1999 third generation SHO and about a month ago experienced engine failure. My engine was covered under the extended base plan warranty I had purchased with it (I purchased the vehicle used about a year and a half ago). Upon returning my vehicle to the dealership for a diagnostic the Cam Shaft failure you referenced was the cause of the engine failure, and in turn, the cause of the necessary engine replacement. My mileage upon failure was 77,000.

To make a long story short, I am receiving a rebuilt engine (through Jasper) which along with labor puts my approximate out of pocket expenses at around $2,000 (based primarily on the subjective yellow book value of the car set be an inspector by ESP). I decided to initially follow up on the trade in value of my car following the valuation and was led on a runaround which took nearly a week of constant phone calls between myself, the dealership, and ESP. I was never able to speak directly to any individual at Ford Corporate responsible for my car's valuation and was told that any feedback I had given would be given to the appropriate channels. However they would not inform me of any further action unless further information was needed from me. Furthermore it took over 10 hours of phone conversations through several parties to determine how they calculated a yellow book value I was able to calculate in five minutes on NADA website. The number I calculated was also different from the "official" one set by the inspector.

Bottom line, I am paying $2,000 (at least) out of pocket, and would appreciate any further information you could provide on the pending status of the class action lawsuit.

Thank you

Greg Texley

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