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"HEAD ON", Applied Directly to the Forehead!

New 7/13/06

some of you may have seen this already but it sure got me to laugh. its called the evolution of dance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMH0bHeiRNg

Benjamin James

I have a question (but not specifically directed at Ben).

This video was being sent around awhile back, and Iíve had some friends rave about how funny they thought it was.

WellÖ..I find it boring and not even close to being funny!! Am I missing something??

Ron Porter

I hate to agree with Ron, but yawn.

Next big parody target:

"HEAD ON; applied directly to the forehead."

If I so much as see a clerk restocking the cr*p I may beat the hell out of him.

Ads are worse than water boarding.

Hey, apply THIS directly to your forehead, (insert Batman "Boff" balloon)

I think Eric tried it and it did not help, Eric did you try this after your accident?


My God! First, that is the most annoying commercial in the modern day. Second, the active ingredients in that crap are both listed as poisons and one, Potassium Dichromate is a carcinogen (which can be absorbed through the skin). Both agents are highly irritating to the eyes, great for the forehead! Maybe you'll get rid of the headache, but it will turn you into a unicorn!

If I was allowed to swear on this list you'd see a string of cuss words that would make Richard Prior blush! I hate that crap!!!!


Wow, I thought it was like the holistic stuff my wife uses made from Peppermint oil, Lavender and Isopropyl Myristate. What are the other ingredients of that Head-On crap Seth? By the way, that peppermint oil works if I have a real bad sinus headache, other types of headaches it is marginal but offers some relief.

Carter Fuji

Active Ingredients: Potassium Dichromate (6X H.P.U.S. 0.03% - Pain Reliever**), White Bryony (12X H.P.U.S. 0.04% - Pain Reliever**)

Inactive Ingredients: Diazolidinyl Urea, Ethyl Alcohol, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Menthol, Menthyl Lactate, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Stearate, Steareth 21, Tetrasodium EDTA, Triethanolamine, Water

Looking at this list, and the way the drug is taken, I'd think the Menthol will be most likely to relieve the headache. Perhaps the active ingredients are strong-smelling (like peppermint oil and methol). I just looked at the MSDS for Potassium Dichromate, carcinogen is only one of the worries: http://physchem.ox.ac.uk/MSDS/PO/potassium_dichromate.html


Then if I assault the hell out of someone responsible, can you be on my jury?

I may apply HEAD ON directly to their forehead using a 5# brass mallet left over from when my MGB had knock-offs.

Folks also make a hemorrhoids cream but the motto does not follow the pattern. Maybe the ingredients do? Put a carcinogen up your butt and see if your scrotum falls off?

I have no idea what the Head On stuff is. The commercials donít run around here.

Ron Porter

They Run on CNN and the Weather Channel in the morning. It just keeps repeating over and over for 30 seconds; "Head-on, apply it directly to the forehead!"

Carter Fuji

Just saw the commercial on Fox News also stating they make Active-On for aching joints and Hemorrhoidal cream! Yeah, that seems like a good idea....

Carter Fuji

Uh, okay, who the hell is marketing this stuff? The Taliban?

Hexavalent chromium compounds are generally more toxic than trivalent chromium compounds. May be fatal if absorbed through the skin, if swallowed or inhaled. Contains chromium (VI), a known cancer hazard. Allergen. Corrosive. Skin eye and respiratory irritant.

Carter Fuji

Itís a long, off-topic story, but my wife is on disability with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). She is up on a lot of this stuff, and if people looked in to more of what they ingest, and more importantly, the products that they used on their bodies, their clothes, in cooking, and what you use for cleaning, you would be shocked. Folks on MCS are not at all surprised at the dramatic increase in cancer cases.

Do an MSDS on some common things that you use regularly. You will be very surprised!!

Ron Porter

from http://physchem.ox.ac.uk/MSDS/PO/potassium_dichromate.html

> Safety glasses, gloves, good ventilation. Treat as a carcinogen.

Sure, should be safe.


Speaking of which (clothing), this is also an impressive line off the MSDS for a component of that compound:

Strong oxidizer - contact with organic or other flammable material may cause fire. Incompatible with combustible materials, organic materials, strong reducing agents.

Carter Fuji

Ah, yet another interesting discovery, the primary "inactive ingredient" is not really very compatible with the primary active ingredient:

Stability Stable.
 Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents. Wow, I am liking this stuff more and more to be included in "The complete Anarchist Guide"....

Carter Fuji

The funny thing is that there probably is not enough of the ingredients to harm you when taken as directed, probably not enough to help you either. Just a waste of money. I'd hate to have this stuff around with a small child, though.


I don't know what the stuff is. Sounds like Preparation H for your Skull. Hmmmmm.

Haven't tried it. They mainlined me with 3 bags, a pump and a button.


On 7/13/06, Timothy Wright <felixculpa@adelphia.net> wrote:

Eric did you try this after your accident?   ;-)

 -- Eric Lehmann

For those with headaches, you can use Vics Vapor Rub and it works the same. Menthol or peppermint oil will work too for sinus headaches. I think those are more pure than the carcinogen-loaded stuff they advertise.


OR, you can treat the cause rather than the symptoms. Headaches don't occur spontaneously. They are a symptom of other disorders, like dehydration, malnutrition, or a reaction to pathogens and unhealthful chemical compounds in the body.


I'd probably be a co-defendant. I was thinking of applying it with with my old 3-wood. Here hold this to your head, I'll make sure it gets all the way to the source of your headache (i.e. the medulla oblongata)!


RE: flammable hemorrhoid cream.

Then send some to Ford, they are already flaming assholes.

(sorry Larry, I'll do penance later.)

Encl: nickel for band width fund.

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