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HID Headlamps

New 5/15/05

Hey guys here are some pics of my modified 1998 Taurus SHO headlamps. I have retro-fitted HID projectors into my headlamps. The lens are from a Honda S2000 and the projector bowl is from a Lexus SC430. The bulbs are Hella 4500K and so is the ballast. There is also a chrome shroud bezel Type S that encloses the projector, to give it a OEM look. The light that comes out of these headlamps is superb and the beam is extremely razor sharp and wide. The whole modification took about 2 weeks to finish. But it was well worth the labor. The difference is night and day. And plus I threw in a pic of my engine. as you can tell she is spotless and I plan to keep it that way!!! Maybe someone would like to post this on the v8SHO website.

Best Regards

Loukas Zannopoulos
98 SHO Astoria, NY
 Mods Welds


Here are some more pictures just taken recently of my 1998 SHO modified headlamps with HID projectors mounted in them. Here are also some pictures taken during the night so you can see how superb the beam and the light is. This whole project took me about 2 weeks to finish in between work, my daughter, and everything else that popped up along the way.

The Lens - Honda S2000 Lens The Projector - Everything besides the glass lens is from a Lexus SC430 Hid Bulb and Ballast - Hella and lets not forget the Chrome Bezel Shroud Type S to give it a OEM look

Thank You Everyone, My Contribution To The V8SHO.com

More to come - I will also be doing a mesh in the front grill and in the bottom front bumper with Hella 90mm Hid projectors as fog lamps. I will keep everyone posted!!!

Loukas Zannopoulos Astoria, New York 98 SHO

Ok guys here are some pictures of the back of my modified headlamp with the HID projector retro fit. I tried to get as much of the detail as possible. Hope this is insightful.

Loukas Zannopoulos 98 SHO Mods Welds

Hope you like these Eric L.


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