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Head Games

new 2/15/03

Thanks to Kirk Doucette I now have a spare V6 and V8 SHO head. Friday I dropped them off at a local engine shop to get them cleaned up so they will photograph well.

Plan is to cross section them and do a well annotated photo atlas of both heads (V6 & V8) showing the intake & exhaust paths, oil galleries, oil return paths and coolant passages. For those who did not graduate with an engineering degree I hope to make things fun and educational. For those who motor heads who bleed 30w oil I think you will love the cross sections that have never been done before for our engines. I am really enthused as hell about this project. The current plan is to feature the final project in a future SHOCub magazine.

So get your SHOClub magazine prescription, if you are not a already a member of SHOClub and support our national club that not only puts out a hell of a magazine but also hosts a great convention each year.


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