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Headlight Switch Assembly Removal


Does anyone on the list know how to take this out?

Valentin N. Salgado

2 screws to removed the plastic bezel around the speedo (10 mm maybe), pull the bezel straight out which requires a bit of force. Stick your hand inside the hole you just created until your behind the headlight switch. There are 2 sliding nubbs on the top and one on the bottom. Slide the spring loaded nubb until it releases and the thing should come right out. Pretty simple. I believe there is a link on the web site under adding a 12v accessory or something. Hope that helps.

Jon Gore
Turn headlights to ON. stick very small screwdriver in notch in back of headlight switch knob and pry knob off. Rotate knob 180░ and put knob back on post. Turn knob clockwise, and the switch assembly will pop out easily.

Daniel Holtman

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