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Headlight Cleaning Kit

New 12/01/2004

I purchased my 1997 TR with 86,300 (currently @ 87,410) on November 1, 2004. I am scheduled for welding on December 11, 2004 with Eric. I have already read most of the web site and started with a few minor mods. I have installed the Reverse Glow White Gauges on my 1997 (it is a little different than the 1996 mods listed on the site). The info I have found is awesome and I hope to contribute in some way. So below is my first attempt doing so.

Here is a follow-up a my eBay purchase of a plastic headlight cleaner.

It was 6.19 plus shipping (8.00).

I began the process at 9:06pm tonight and made sure I waited for the lenses to completely dry (following the instructions and it is cold here - so I put the car in the garage). The final pictures were taken at 10:46pm tonight. The process was very simple and I'm pleased with the results. I have attached photos (sorry they are larger, but wanted good detail for you all to see). 326K & 343K respectively.

I hope you see the difference I did. And all it took was a little elbow grease, nothing real hard....

Here is the link to the auction I purchased from:

I hope if you try it, you have the same results...

Rick Southwick ~ Omaha, NE

Nice! It was such a big improvement we probably would have been able to
see if the pictures were 20kb each ;). So, did you use all of the solutions) up or was there any left for next time?

I probably used 1/4 of the solutions, if that. I did spill a little of solution C on the floor. It was green, but seemed to be a sealer of sorts. It was colorless when applied.


THANKS for the info, those look really good…..you just used elbow grease, no buffer???

Just do this, too…..

Put a note on your calendar, for about 6 months from now, to take another dig picture, with same camera, without doing anything else to the lens, and we will have an (un-scientific) follow-up study as to the DURABILITY of this fix…..because, I can tell you, that fixes employed by new car sellers are NOT always durable (take, for example, vinyl seat repairs….)
James Jensen
They look better but I'm not so sure that it did $14.19 worth of work. I think you could have gotten the same results with Mother's plastic polish and some elbow grease. I tried using some rubbing compound on a 99 Sable that I had as a take home car from work with really yellowed lights. The compound did a great job then I finished up with some Mother's plastic polish. I'm not sure what the long term result was though, they got rid of the car. I have noticed that once the coating on the lens rubs off they yellow much more quickly. Also the silver coating on the sides starts to go but that can be fixed by taking lens out and re-spraying them with some silver reflective spray.

Mine arrived yesterday. Did both SHO and LX today and still have about half of kit left. The solution B looks and smells like Brasso.

Lucien Frederick
800 grit wet or dry, use it wet, and some plastic polish. works great.


I just report the results, not endorse any particular product. Also see our
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