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Headlight Switch Removal

New 08/09/05

When removing headlight switches from 1996/97 Taurus/sable and 1997 f 150

Use the following service procedure:

1. Disconnect the battery

2. Locate switch in the upper left hand corner of the ip.

3. Turn rotary knob located on the left hand side of switch clockwise to Headlamp on position. (switch knob maximum travel position.)

4. Pull rotary knob outward in direction of operator (max. Approx .25)

5. Locate access hole for a small slot screwdriver on the switch knob at the Opposite end. (portion of hole will be clearly visible)

6. Push slot end of screwdriver into access hole until resistance is felt. Pull Knob and at the same time increase force applied to the screwdriver. The Switch knob will release from the shaft.

7. Now the knob will be used as a tool for removing the switch from the ip.

8. Turn knob 180 degs from orig position & reinsert knob on shaft & apply Pressure inward to the knob at the same time turning knob counter clockwise To the off position. This will seat knob in its new position.

9. Turn knob clockwise to the headlamp on position which will release locking Tabs.

10. Pull switch out by the knob from the ip.

11. Press connector locking tabs for each connector and remove.

12. If switch has autolamp option feature, remove third connector.

13. On new switch, reinstall connectors and ensure they are positively locked.

14. Snap switch back into ip and ensure it is latched.

15. Remove & reinstall knob in correct position. Just pull out knob but do not

Use screwdriver during this operation.

16. Apply minimum force during all operations

Thanks Paul - Buford

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