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Heater Hoses and Such

New 02/25/2005

I put new heater hoses on using bulk 5/8" hose. I have new upper and
lower radiator hoses and the little short 3" x 2" hose after the water

I do not have the small hoses going to the degasser tank from the
radiator and from in between the heads. I also need the hose coming
out of the bottom of the water pump that is the heater return hose.

But they all looked to be in excellent shape for having over 100k on
them and being almost 9 years old. I plan to use bulk hose on the
lower water pump hose. I know internally the radiator hoses were
cracked as over a year ago I cut them both in half to do the t-stat
bypass thing.

I also have looked at the SLO degasser (overflow) tank. It appears
the only difference is the engine to tank hose nipple is facing the PS
reservoir instead of facing forward on the tank. This is done because
of the PS pump position on the V8. I feel though that the tank can be
used and the small hose rerouted.


Paul, the overflow tank for the 3.0 Duratec is identical to the SHO tank.

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