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Holly Bailey - SHO Defender

new 5/22/02

1. VIN# 1FALP54N7TA261464

2. Holly A. Bailey

3. Although my 96 SHO has not yet experienced engine failure, I must express my concern that a great possibility exists for this to occur. As a member of V8 SHO community, I have followed all the information that has been provided to us regarding this catastrophic occurrence. My understanding of it is that the engine has a design flaw, where a cam sprocket can loosen and dislodge, causing failure. As far as I am aware, to-date no one has been injured as a direct result of this failure. However, failures appear to be on the rise as each day passes, which increases the potential for this to become a safety-related issue.

4. Due to the catastrophic nature of it, not to mention the high cost of repairs, I would like to see FOMOCO offer a recall on all 96-99 SHOs to address this problem of cam failure. The original cams could be fixed per the best of several solutions offered up by the V8 SHO community, if another better solution is not found by FOMOCO. For instance, if welding the cams were the selected option, cost would be approximately $500 per car. With approximately 20,000+ SHOs made, this should be considered a small cost to FOMOCO, in the big scheme of things. But 20,000 satisfied customers can go a long way in promoting FOMOCO's business.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Holly A. Bailey
hobailey@aep.com (e-mail)

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