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How to Check for Spark


Did you have anything in the trunk? If so, it might of hit the fuel pump
cutoff switch. It should be on the drivers side, a little hole. Stick
you finger in there and see if you can push it down. If you can, that is it.

I will check this out (and the other suggestions as well--thanks to
all who responded) as soon as I get back later this morning.

Now off for a little Roto-rooter in the shoulder. Very minor, but
they still insist on a general anesthetic because they can only
tie/tape you down to the table so well, and don't want you flinching
or squirming at the sound of the glorified little Dremel tool...some
pretty delicate structures in there.
To check the spark and if you don't carry spare coils around like Carter, pull one of the coils and insert a spark plug. Ground the plug and crank. If you make a short jumper it is easy to crank the engine over from under the hood.

wpe3.jpg (43226 bytes)

Also before pulling a coil make sure there is 5V in the sensor circuit. This can easily be done when the key is in run and checking at the TPS sensor connector.


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