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How to Reduce Your Picture Size


Step 1 Download Irfanview from 
http://www.tucows.com/get/194967_75076  (can be downloaded from other 
sites, just Google "Irfanview" 

Step 2 Install Irfanview (find the file you just downloaded and 
double click on it, should be titled similar to iview399.exe) 

Step 3 Open Irfanview 

Step 4 Open the photo you wish to reduce 

Step 5 Resize the image by clicking Image>Resize/Resample (or by 
Cntrl-R). I usually set the image to 800x600 or 640x480 if I'm 
emailing it. The "Set new size as percentage of original" option 
works well too. 

Step 6 Save the file (as jpeg preferably). Check the "Show options 
dialog" button. This allows you to specify the quality. Play with 
the quality to find the right compromise between file size and 
quality. 50-75% works well in most cases for me. 

Step 7 Check the file size before sending. Just right click on the 
file a click properties. You should be able to get each picture to be 
less than 100k without degrading the quality very much. 

Thanks Ian!

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