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Title: How to Remove Stuck CD    

new 10/28/2003

Had to tear my changer out of the car and take it apart as it refused to load a disc or eject. The daughter put in her CD's so that she could have some air time on the trip to Toledo. When we selected her second CD (disc 6) the display went to NO CD and then CDER1 or something like that. Couldn't select any other disc's either. Pulled changer from car and took it apart. Turns out that the #6 CD was about 1/3 of the way out of the magazine. Popped it into the magazine and the magazine popped right out without any further fiddling as it had been already released by the changer.

So here is what I have learned.

#1 next time that the cartridge won't eject take a piece of thin plastic or maybe even stiff thin cardboard (like credit card thickness and slide it down open side of the cartridge, as I believe this may have pushed the CD back into the magazine without pulling the thing apart and removing it from the car.

#2 I discovered why it did this. I noticed when I inserted that CD into the slot (after recovery) that it had a tiny amount of a "Catch" to it when it was going past the springs. I thought something was wrong with the magazine, but I tried other CD's and they didn't do it. Stacked her CD beside one of the other ones up on edge and it was almost 1/16" taller (diameter). So lessen #2 is if the CD doesn't load into the magazine like butter, don't put it in the car. She loaded her CD's so I didn't do it, I figured she jammed two of them in the CD 5 slot or something but that wasn't the case. The difference was very indiscernible, and I probably wouldn't have noticed it either if I had loaded the disc myself. This slight binding you would not notice in a hurry when just slapping disc's into the magazine. So you may want to slow down and feel how smoothly they slide in next time you are changing discs.

If it does something like this in the car, refer to #1

Scott Krietemeyer
96 MG
99 TG

I wasn't able to google up an answer so I'm throwing this out for help. Anyone know of a method to remove a CD cartridge from the changer without disassembly when the eject button fails to work?

The cartridge was MIA upon delivery in both my '96 and my '97. I ordered a replacement from http://www.radiosandmore.com


If you need a new/remanufactured changer that is OEM plug n play:
 United Radio Service
2949 Erie Blvd E.
Syracuse, NY 13224
 CD Changer
FMS #F6DF-18C849-AF
 You need to send your old one, and they will swap out for a new one.
 Bob T.

well when the whole cartridge would get stuck, i just got pissed and stuck a flat head screw driver down in there and pried the thing up....not recommended though....its also not recommended to try and repair it yourself when it wont load or read cds lol...you can accidentally ground the board and short it out.....oh well stupid thing skipped to much anyways


I used a 0.025" drill bit.

John Hamilton

Or you might try www.cdchangersonline.com they are plug and play from what i can tell.


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