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I Just Purchased a Used SHO

new 9/08/02


A 97 is an "old" SHO? My 89, 91 and 96 now feel antique! :)

Seriously, I still feel like I am driving a new car when I get in my 96. 70,000 miles is nothing.to your questions:

1. There is no 60,000 mile tuneup. The first tune-up for the V8 is at 100,000 miles. Don't worry about it till then.

2. The Cam issue IS worth worrying about. It can happen at any time, and the typical failure is (gulp) right about 60-80k. If you love the car, and you probably got a good deal on it, I would make a $500 investment from the money you saved over other similar cars, and get the cams welded. A trip to Atlanta to FPS is not that far from TX (well, depending on which side of the state you are on, that is a big dang deal, that state of Texas!) :) There are some cars well past 100,000 miles with no major problems and no cam problems. Some cams may never fail. But the best educated guess we have is that a fairly high % will fail before 100,000 miles.

There is a fairly active group in Texas, mainly in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area, so check out the clubs listed on http://www.SHOclub.com links pages and contact some of those people. Some of them may get in touch with you directly from this list. Chances are you can find someone in your area to do the welding, but FPS has more experience at it than anyone in the world at this point.

Enjoy your SHO, I love my 96.

Don Mallinson
SHO Club

Welcome and

Greg Brandon wrote:

Greetings all!
I'm a new owner of an old SHO and I really enjoy it! Bought a 1997 (black exterior/tan interior) SHO with 67K miles. The car is in great condition inside and out. I've been cruising around the internet trying to learn all I can and I have a couple of questions:
1) What is involved in the 60K maintenance/tune-up?
2) Is this cam failure issue worthy of my worry?
I'm definitely not mechanically inclined by nature and want to find a reputable shop to handle whatever it is I need to do with the car. I'd really like to have the cams pinned by the SHOshop in California, but I don't even know enough about engines, especially this one, to know where the cams are or how to pull them out so I can send them off for maintenance!
If any of you have the time, please send me an email with additional links to reliable information. Also, if there are any "experienced" SHO owners are in/around the San Antonio, TX area, please drop me a line. I'd like to know where/who I can depend on for service and maintenance.
Very best regards,
Greg Brandon
San Antonio, TX



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