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IMRC Clip - Pete Found It!!

new 4/12/2004

I've been a "lurker" on the list for a while, but Eric suggested I share this with the list. While welding my cams Saturday Eric found a broken IMRC clip. Eric had indicated that I would have to replace the IMRC for about $130 to $150. Being Dutch - that just wouldn't do.

NAPA sells a replacement clip - their part number is 665-2141 for $1.78.

The clip slips onto the end of the cable without having to disassemble the cable in any way.

Attached are two pics that show the clips.

Pete Roeters
'98 Black
Porterized Intake



Great find!



Sweet! Speaking of finds, jj, I found the 3 clips you made, I need your address to return them.



Pete, you have no idea what some people have been through in attempts to fabricate this little piece. I half expected to see Paulie on TV workin on one while gettin yelled at by Daddy. GREAT CATCH and thanks for sharing.


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