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IMRC Failures

new 4/16/02

Thank you Tim Wright for the tidbit of info. regarding the IMRC box. No, my secondaries have not been operational for a while. And no, I couldn't be certain if the IMRC was at fault because I don't have a scan tool to pull codes and I couldn't fork out $120 at the local Ford dealer to have them pull and "decipher" any codes that the computer may show. However, I didn't want to replace the $170 IMRC box without being certain that it was the culprit.

When Tim said that his plastic gear was broken within the IMRC box, I went outside and dug into the box and there was the gear...broken. Ok, so I found the problem...now I can finally fix it.

So it is Saturday afternoon - sunny and about 50 degrees here in Wisconsin. Perfect weather for working outside. Called around to find an new IMRC and one of the local dealers said they stock the part. I was stunned and excited. Very much looking forward to a "fun" Saturday afternoon ride with secondaries again!!!

Removal of the broken part was easy. Installation of the new IMRC box was easy until I was about to bolt it back to the valve cover. The bolts holes lined up, but the unit sat further towards the top of the engine. Called the dealer..."oh, I must have clicked on the 3.0L instead of the 3.4L, we'll have to order that part". Needless to say I was pretty hot, and there was no "fun" Saturday afternoon ride. I'll be getting the part in on Wednesday (supposedly)...it's supposed to snow Wednesday; it's going to be cold in the driveway.

I know there is a morel here somewhere...

I remember someone asking for advice on how to reattach the cable of the IMRC. I don't remember who it is, but if you are reading this, and you haven't been successful, let me know...it is actually very easy and you don't have to take any thing off other than the appearance cover and a bracket that holds the main wiring across the top of the engine.

New IMRC was installed at about 74k; replaced factory installed IMRC. The plastic gear that the cable is anchored to had broke in two.

david mclean
'96 TR

on my second.
97ES 55k


Failure of the IMRC in both SHO's

(1) 1996 SHO failure at 48,000 miles

(2) 1996 SHO failure at 123,000 miles

Both failure were broken take-up wheels inside the IMRC box. A cheap $3 part that can only be fixed through a complete replacement of the $130 unit.

Scott Waters

Hi Tim,

"IMRC stuck open" code (P1518) thrown at ~40,100 miles, and the
IMRC unit was replaced under ESP at 40,546. Thanks!!

Damon Koch
Acworth, GA
'99 VW - 47K


Below is a cut and paste from my SHO maintenance worksheet. My SHO is a 1996 and the price noted was for dealer replacement, as you might be able to tell.

Date Miles Cost
01/10/2001 65,950 $301.69 SES - Bad IMRC #F6DZ-9L492-AA $190.00 (9J459 non-SHO) Labor $100

Eric Eaton

I'm on my second IMRC - first one went around 50k.


My IMRC went out at ~ 65k last fall, I got a used unit for $100. So far all seem to fail at the cheap plastic wheel.

Tim Wright
97 White



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