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IMRC Maniacs

new 4/12/2004, updated 4/19/2004

First rough in of my planned water/alky injection kit. Will be pressure adjustable with a pressure gauge and run off an old fuel pump including return line to tank. Nozzles will direct most of their flow towards the secondary port side of each runner.

Eric Lehmann
97 Ebony - welded
97 Toreador Red # 285 - welded
96 Willow Green # 326 - FUBAR MOTOR (give me a few weeks)
91 Jade Plus SHO-fa

For some reason all I can hear in my warped mind is .....ohhhhhh this is gonna be gooood!! Stay tuned.



Here are a couple of more shots of the alcohol/water injection system I'm piddling with.
First test firing of the fuel pump and full plumbing lines setup. Pressure was a little too low in the picture. Obviously, I have the nozzles removed from the intake tracts.
Plan on setting a switch to activate pump at wide open throttle.
Nozzles have a nice mist at higher pressures and a cone about 1 1/2 inches wide at 6 inches distance.   

Told ya it was gonna get good!!!

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