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I'm Relieved We Made a Good Impression

new 3/13/03

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From: Sarah Locker 
Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2003 10:02 PM
To: v8sho@v8sho.com
Subject: RE: the last couple 'a days...

I've been off dealing with an eBay transaction gone terribly, horribly weird, the final hectic few hours before Spring Break madness, and some b.s. type stuff, the kind that makes you crazy really fast ...

So, this evening I've been doing this marathon email session, read about 350 posts in about 2 days. Y'all are nothing if not prolific... Here is what I learned:

- Kirk apparently had Batman in his pants at some point. This was apparently a "good thing", and had something to do with butterflies. These butterflies will eventually be home-grown, and the size of a large bird of prey after some kind of special diet. These same butterflies are NOT the annoying MSN butterfly, as seen on TV, that someone intends to swat big-time next time they see him. (sorry, can't remember who it was that was so annoyed by the butterfly, but I got a baseball bat ready to go if you see that blue rascal)

- Bob in the UK thinks I might actually be interested in *buying* that RH drive V8SHO over there... <ROTFLMAO> Apparently our buddies in the UK need trailer houses for some reason (still not clear on this) and I may have a career delivering the mail in that SHO, if Bob can get past this thing of wanting *money* for a car that has the steering wheel on the wrong side... <VBG>

- Carter needed a big ol' long screwdriver and a stethoscope at the same time, and quite frankly I'm afraid to find out what he might be up to over there in his garage in Greenwood.

- Tim sent pictures to the list of nekked engines. <muttering to self... they must really be CAR guys...>

- There is a Jelly of the Month Club? Never say SHO people aren't versatile AND innovative!

- Martin got chrome rims, and after seeing the picture I want some that are all sparkly like that too!

- Don Mallinson does us all proud. He knows the car biz in and out, and turned around those Honda guys really nicely ;) Makes me proud to be a SHO owner! :)

- A "butt dyno" is not one of Holly's Jazzercise moves, despite sounding like it *could* be!

Did I miss anything NON-FLAMMABLE?

Sarah :)

Sarah Locker
'97 Performance White 107k aka "SHO White"
w/ Freshly Welded Cams for my Driving Pleasure ;)

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