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Important - Need Class Action Help

New 5/15/05

OK I spoke to the attorney, and this is what we need. Per my previous email, if you're willing to help in the action against Ford mail a short letter to our attorney at the address below. Be concise, include the vin# and the details of the failure, and how it was fixed. If any of you got quotes from Ford make sure you include those, as well as any mis-diagnoses by any Ford shop regarding your failure. Please send the SIGNED letter to the following address: Would be a plus if you could get this notarized, but don't hold back due to that. Everybody that has had this happen to them felt pretty screwed. Here is your chance to help out. Thanks

Edelman Combs Lartturner
ATTN: Curtis Warner
120 South LaSalle Street
18th Floor Chicago, IL 60608

I can't tell you how important you guys individual contributions are. We need your help!! Thanks


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