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Hey guys! Worlds slowest mechanic here. After getting the cams welded, I spent some time getting my garage straightened up enough to get the car in so I could work on it a bit more comfortably. So now I don't have any excuse not to get busy and finish this welding job up.
I am wondering if I should do anything to the injectors before putting them back in? New O-rings? I am having trouble finding any. Somebody know a good source?
There used to be a guy close to me that would flow test your injectors for free and then you would only work on the ones that looked like they needed work. But they widened the road and he had to move and I can't find him now. All other shops want $15 each to perform the service on them, no inspections first. Since I am on a budget I don't want to have them cleaned if I don't need to. Anything I can do to them while they are off?



I wouldn't worry about the injectors, and if they develop a problem later they are easy to pull... As far as the O-Rings go it may not hurt to replace them but if you haven't nicked them and they aren't cracked you are probably okay to reuse them. If you disturb them much however except them to fall apart like a cake doughnut...

If you do replace them , carefully cut the old ones off, (nick them with a razor and they will break fairly easily where you scored them). Then stretch the new ones OVER the plastic "Hat" at the nozzle end. I tried removing the plastic hat's at one point to allow gentle installation of new O-Rings - more of the hat's will break than it is worth, so stretch the O-Ring over the hat as nicely as you can, a little light oil doesn't hurt.



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