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Install 6.5" Speakers in Front Doors

New 7/1/05, thanks to Skye

Since the factory speakers are 6"x8", you'll need adapters. I bought  some PVC adapters from eBay. Search on eBay for "6x8 speaker  adapters" and you should get some results. In the item description it  should say which cars it is compatible with.

The only cutting I'll be doing in this guide is done with scissors.  Cut out four sections of the rubber lining next to the factory  mounting holes. This will give us room to screw the speaker onto the adapter.

On one side of the speaker adapter, the mounting holes are routed out. Make sure the routed holes are facing IN and insert the adapter into the hole. Why are we inserting the adapter into the hole? Couldn't I just mount it on the outside and screw the speaker onto it? Technically, yes. BUT-- because the factory speaker was relatively flat we need to conserve all the mounting space we have. Mounting the adapter on the inside of the hole will give us more room between the speaker and the door panel and allow the speaker all the room it needs to pound out the notes.

Using the four original mounting screws, insert each screw into the routed out holes from the inside, out through the original mounting holes, and screw down tight.

Chances are you'll receive some mounting hardware with your speakers, especially if you bought them in a component set. If you didn't get any hardware, find yourself some screws to fit into the adapter plate's smaller holes.

Put the 6.5" speaker into the hole (after attaching the speaker wires and making sure they're out of the window's path) and screw the four new screws through the speaker holes and into the adapter plate's small holes.

And there you have it-- a 6.5" speaker mounted to the door without adding the bulk of an adapter plate. By the way, the speakers used in this tutorial are Infinity Kappas, which happen to be the same thickness as the factory speaker.


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