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Installed Gentex 511 Mirror

new 11/21/2008

It fits our stock mirror base perfectly, and all you need to wire it up is a switched 12v (found in passenger side A-pillar), ground (also in passenger A-pillar), reverse lights lead (found under dash), and two leads for the OAT sensor. I need to make a junkyard run to get an OAT sensor, but everything else is wired up. Hardest part was finding the reverse lights lead - factory manuals come in really handy for that.



The reason I used this one (with OnStar) was because it was cheap on eBay, and because I thought I could try wiring up the OnStar buttons to do other things; unfortunately, the OnStar buttons output a multiplexed 5v signal so that's a no-go. Good news is, that all 16-pin Gentex mirrors use the same harness and pin configurations, so I can easily "downgrade" if I get tired of seeing the unusable OnStar buttons.--
Daniel J. Holtman

I just came across this while sifting through my old unread emails.
How much of a PITA is it to snake the wires (under the headliner, I
Dan Carman

Not a problem at all. I just shoved them up in-between the headliner and windshield without removing anything.

I ran the two wires for the temperature sensor down the driver's side A-pillar, through the large firewall grommet inside the driver's fender, and mounted it right next to the OE temp sensor. It's important that the temp sensor wires be soldered and not crimp-connected; and that 18ga strand wire be used or the reading will be off.
Daniel J. Holtman

A couple more pictures:



Daniel J. Holtman


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