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Installing A New Transmission

new 08/01/2007

I'm thinking about buying a parts car on ebay that has a working transmission and mine is starting to crap out. Would it be better to pay the local tranny shop guy $500 labor to install the new one, or is this a job that I could handle with some help. Any ideas how long this will take? Also it's important to mention that I do have a lift and every took/air tool at my disposal....I just don't know how to use all of them. At any rate I figure the lift would make things go faster. Any suggestions, offers, or estimates would be appreciated. If anyone would want to come help with this possible venture I'd be more than happy to pay gas to Indy and back, meals, beer, and some cash for working on it.

-Jon Gore
'98 TR - Welded - 126k

$500 for tranny R&R is a bargain. Just hope he's competent. Personally, I wouldn't waste even $100 on a used AX4N, but that's your choice.
Dan Carman
I would jump on that $500 R&R but I would want to stop by and make sure it went in okay before picking it up. I paid $600 once for an R&R and half the bolts didn't get back into the bell housing and the rear exhaust flange nuts were completely rounded off so bad they ended up cutting the pipe off to get the transmission out.

Carter Fuji
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Was it Alan Ridge who has had all that problems after having his tranny worked on??? That was paying for a rebuilt and he had a multitude of problems, so yes, keep an eye on whomever does it

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Yep, that was me. I'm going to do the next rebuild myself, or prepare my wife a cost-benefit analysis that proves an MTX swap is cheaper in the long run (a la Scott K.)

Alan Ridge
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Cheapest in the long run *gulp* (I hate to say this) buy a Honda :-( But I'll gladly pay to keep my MTX going....

Scott K
Hey, when are you going to get a conversion marketed? Well that and you need to quit your day job so you can install them in peoples cars. I'd like to call first in line btw. Just let me know when and i'll drop the car off :)

Jon Gore
Remember that I am of German descent... Hence if install it you don't want to service it yourself (unless you are German too maybe)... Of course that could make for quite the self supporting business....

Scott K
I'm down with that. I've got few trucks in the family with a few large trailers and don't mind transporting it :)
Jon Gore
Putting an used transmission in is just delaying the inevitable.

Book time to R&R trans is 8.6 hours. I charge $65.93 per hour so at my shop it would be $567 plus tax. I believe I can get you a rebuilt trans with a 2 year unlimited mileage trans for around $1400. So, $2K installed.
Paul L Fisher

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With the help of a UAW guy who spends his 9-5 diagnosing and rebuilding AX4N failures (or at least did at the time), I've participated in two rebuilds of what were my own trannys as well as one for Paul Nimz. I can't say how it relates to doing some of the old school RWD trannys, but it seemed to be pretty straightforward, just pay attention to where things came from so you can put them back. :-)
IIRC, you remove the TRS and maybe another handful of electrical connections and from there, its pretty much like any other ATX. Keeping the chain cover gasket exactly where it belongs on reassembly was the most tricky part.

Ryan D
Anyone have any experience actually doing an ATX rebuild themselves?
I've had good luck on the few automatic transmissions I rebuilt my self but they were older units. Anything more difficult with the electronic units?
The ones I rebuilt were Chrysler 727s and 350 Turbos.

I noticed that my Helms manual has step by step instructions for disassembling the trans., as if ordinary people do that every day.


They must know about the AX4N's "longevity"...

Eric Hildebrand
I have one for the Sienna that thinks that changing any parts on an automatic ac, or being told the location of the electrical components for the rear ac blower motor is beyond the average person...

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