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Intercooler - Voice of Experience

New 02/24/2005

I was of the opinion at the time that an intercooler was/is designed primarily for combating the elevated temperatures that are created by a turbocharger to the intake air. The temperature measurements I performed on my cars intake air during normal driving did not indicate that the 12 psi Vortech based supercharger I was using increased the intake air temperature more then 10 or 15 degrees above ambient. In retrospect though I neglected to obtain WOT full boost readings for more then a second or two due to available testing space, i.e. public roads.
I reviewed the data supplied by the intercooler supplier I selected and found that they could in fact achieve temperatures lower then ambient with the cooler positioned properly and the addition of Water Wetter added to the cooling fluid. Simple physics at this point states that cooler temperatures will create a denser oxygen content in the same amount of volumetric space and in the case of my increased fuel pressure and injector size I can utilize the additional air by having more fuel available in the combustion chamber at the point of ignition. Prior to my increased in the fuel system, my car would not benefit from more air/oxygen content as I would be unable to offset it and have a meltdown of proportions seen in the photo recently posted by Doug.

I have not put my car on the dyno as of yet since I am awaiting some final tweaks on my EEPROM so the fuel mapping will take the added O2 levels, but I suspect I will not be disappointed, providing I don't launch the diif pin out like in the Contour pics published recently.
Carter Fuji

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