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Intermittent No-Start Problem Solved

new 12/21/02

As noted before, I was in a car wash when my engine just cut out and wouldn’t start again for another 30 minutes.

Yesterday, driving home in the rain, it happened again. Then two miles down the road again. But the last time it set a check engine light, after it buffalo farted twice as it quit. (I won’t discuss the three hour wait, on a Bridge abutment, in rush hour, for the AAA tow that never showed up)

I had the car towed in and had the code pulled, which didn’t reflect any misfire, as a coil, or two or even three would have indicated. The code was a nonspecific code, and most likely a result of the backfire as I was trying to keep the engine running.

They started the car up first thing this morning and tried to get it to stall for hours. They pulled the front cover, and sprayed water on the coils, with no problems.  The put a HOSE under the balance chamber to get enough water to kill a coil.  Worked fine. So finally the hosed the front of the engine and it died straight away.

With the analyzer on the computer box, trying to crank the engine, they found no Crank sensor inputs. Viola.  CPS is cracked, shorts when wet.

File this one under your neat chit to know heading.

Al Primm
Tyngsborough, MA.
97 TR 140K, welded an stuff

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