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JCU - Cam Failure

new 11/06/02

I have been reading about all the engine replacements due to the cam failure. I too am a victim of this unfortunate failure and would like to give you the details if you need it.

The car is a 1996 SHO. The engine went kaput at 100K miles on Sept 4, 2001. I had the engine replaced by a friend of mine who is well versed in auto repair. The price of the engine and installation was in excess of $4K.

I have receipts to prove that I bought a "new" used engine with 29K miles on it. I also have the old engine in a crate in a garage. Along with that, I have a witness, the mechanic, who did the repairs. Ford has received numerous calls from myself demanding attention that I obviously never received.

If you think this info I have provided is helpful and if you need more, please contact me with any questions you have.


Details pending ....


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