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Jackie - Cam Failure # 172

new 1/2/03

I bought a 97 SHO for my at the time Boy friend. He was to make the payments. He never did and I took the car and my best friend drove it and paid for it and still is. I got the car in July and it had problems with it from the beginning, that Friendly Ford dealership in Monroe, MI. said there was nothing showing up when they looked at and drove it. The man who sold the car to me, Dick Ivey, apparently had a brain aneurysm (sorry but not my fault) at the time. He quite working shortly after the deal. Every time I took the car in to have it looked at, he was gone or at a meeting or to lunch and finally they told me he wouldn't be back. He never returned any phone calls. By this time the warranty was up. Not long after that, my friend (Patty) was driving on I75 at about 70 or 75 mph and the car made a funny noise and quit working. She did manage to get to the side of the road. Nobody could tell us what was wrong with the car other than an engine problem that would cost $4000+ to fix. The car sat for seven months before we could find a new (used) affordable engine and another loan for the engine itself. I wrote Ford online with no response. I went to Friendly Ford and they have no record of me buying the car. They told me to go to the Main dealership and see if they had anything. They didn't either. I asked them how they are going to sell me a car off the lot, give me paperwork showing this and tell me they didn't. I know I'm a girl and I don't know much about cars, but I know enough to keep my paperwork on a car! Now this is much more in detail but like I said I don't know much about cars and I wasn't the one driving it. Patty knows so much more than I do and she understands it all. If you would like, I can give you our number so you can document this in more detail.



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