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Jason Weick - Cam Failure

new 8/27/02

Hello I have been on the list before but have been moving and changing email addresses. I am having a cam failure. I have the ESP warranty. Also I have a SHO Shop air box filter. They apparently donít want to pay for the repair. Due to the after market parts. What are the repair options. They want me to pay for it. Is there a tally of how many of the now 107 vehicles that have had this problem have the factory air filter? What agencies Better Business etc have been notified and should I contact any? Also does anyone have the factory air box and tubing either for sale or that I can borrow. I would gladly pay the shipping just so that I could give everybody the satisfaction of screwing ford.


Jason Weick
Remote Sensing Analyst/Agricultural Scientist
ITD/ Spectral Visions

Ford knows they have a design defect unrelated to anything else. The engines they tested to destruction presumably did not have SHO SHOP intakes. Of the thousands of SHOs with failed cams our there all most all of them could not tell you what a SHO SHOP intake was. I don't know by  what voodoo logic the two are related, and neither do they.  It is a good opportunity for them to get honest, Ask them of the 2,000 - 3,000 failures so far how many had SHO Shop intakes and how many did not? What is the correlation? I bet they don't want to talk about that?

Timothy Wright

They can't unless THEY prove that the aftermarket parts caused the failure. Ask for the zone manager.

Paul L Fisher


As I understand it, Ford is required to prove that the cam failure occurred due to your aftermarket parts.

The cam failure has absolutely nothing to do with your air filter, as we all know.

There was a sticker on the air filter that said that oiled filters could void the warranty, or somesuch.

The only effect of the oiled filter is that if the filter is over-oiled, it can coat the MAF and throw a CES. Cleaning the MAF will fix that. Anything else is not due to your oiled air filter. The reaction to disallow the warranty and ESP in it's entirety is bafoonic. (Just wanted to make that word.)

Does anyone still have the number for Kathy? It might not do any good, but it would help to know if they really care about it, or are just trying to screw you any way they can.

You might try another dealership? You are not screwing Ford. Assuming you are under ESP they are trying to screw you.

Best Regards,


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