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Jasper Update & Other Important Stuff

new 9/17/02, updated 3/7/03

I spent the day talking to Jasper Engines R&D and other folks. Things are looking up. I learned Jasper is on top of the cam situation and all their V8SHO engines are pinned.

I also learned that Jasper has found issues with the cam position indicator on the front exhaust cam getting lose and causing problems. The CPS is on the front head drivers side. ford uses a thin metal strip to trigger the sensor. Well the strip can work lose so the engine loses TDC and fires at any damn time.  My cure would be to clean with Loctite cleaner and Loctite that puppy down. I think Jasper tacks it in place with a welder.

The last item and I can't say where I learned it, Ford was experiencing excessive cam problems as early as 1997 and chose to ignore the situation. They sold to 98 & 99 owners knowing they were pooching them.

Jasper is going to send me some particulars on their V8 SHO engines to add to FAQ, they also make V8SHO AX4N transmissions for our cars.. 




What Ford ESP has decided is to replace my engine with a rebuilt one from Jasper. Ford will not be covering the warranty after it leaves their shop, but Jasper has a 36 month / 72,000 warranty. The only downfall of the Jasper warranty is that it does NOT cover the removal and installation. The positive part is that the Jasper warranty is transferable.

The following are the details of what Jasper has improved on:

CAMS PINNED-To prevent cam from shifting in head, thus preventing catastrophic cam failure.

OVERSIZED CAMSHAFT: This eliminates virtually all valve train noise. The camshaft is spray-welded and the weld is ground down to match the O.E.line-bore and oil clearance specifications

ALL O.E.M. GASKETS & TIMING COMPONENTS-Ensures highest durability and durability.

VITON VALVE STEM SEALS: This material meters oil from the first running of engine. Its design is extremely resistant to heat, oil additives and abrasions.

M.L.S. (Multi-Layered Steel) HEAD GASKET: The superior multi layered design of this gasket is excellent in the prevention of gasket leakages.

MOLY RINGS: Reduces friction for higher durability through reduced cylinder wall wear.


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