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Jim Ryan - Cam Failure #298

new 8/28/03

Hello all, I have a 96 I bought in 99 at a salvage auction with a "flood" title. It had 64k on it. I knew where the car had come from and it had no evidence of any flood damage however the engine was extremely ill. I assumed it was nosed into some water and sucked enough inot the motor to take out a rod. I found a NOS motor for $ 2000 and had it installed. I have been very happy with the car however I have been reading about all of the cam failures and am getting concerned as the car now has 118k on it. I am assuming the original engine had a cam failure at 64 k. I am in need of advice on a few things: 

1) Is this a problem with all years? I don't know what year the motor is. 

2) car started to run hot , thought it was thermostat (thanks for the instructions) removed it completely to check, still runs very warm. If the gauge cluster were a clock, the temp needle sits in the 2 o'clock position. 

3) trans is starting to slip. any advice? 

4) I would add this to your list of suspected cam failures. The car was covered under a Ford ESP. I was curious to why the former owner didn't get it fixed, now it makes sense.


Jim Ryan 

Details pending - Buford

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