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Jim's Failed Engine Sprockets

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From: Jim Merriman [mailto:jimmerriman@home.com]
Sent: Monday, September 10, 2001 12:20 PM
To: SHOGUY89@aol.com; dmall@mwonline.net; timwright@msn.com
Subject: Jim Merriman Camshafts


Attached are digital JPEG pictures of my SHO's left hand bank camshafts. I got clarification from the mechanic (Crestwood Ford) who is working on the car that the primary camshaft which is driven off the timing chain broke at the slave sprocket joint. The sprocket now spins around the camshaft effortlessly. The mechanic said that the secondary camshaft (it has the water pump pulley on it) is out of round by 2 1000ths of an inch. He wants to replace that as well. I think that's likely fine. Do you know what the specification is? They don't know the spec. at this time.

Next question: If I sent the camshafts to you overnight, could you weld the camshafts quickly. Do they have to be perfectly balanced welds around the camshaft so that they don't do any damage or what? Are you able to weld a camshaft back together again after the sprocket is now spinning around the camshaft. My concern is that the welding would have to line up the sprockets perfectly with the camshaft lobes for the timing on the valves to be exact. I hope I am clear on the thought process here, because I'm not as technical about this stuff as you are. I wench my '93 SHO a lot, taking care of oil leaks, water pumps, belts, plugs wires, cleaning the inside of the intake plenum etc. but I have never rebuilt an engine!

Last question for now: The mechanic also spotted a crack in the alternator housing. Can those be welded up along the crank if the alternator is still working? Or is it better to replace it now while the engine is out of it?

Attached are the pictures. Email me if you want larger or smaller pictures, and I'll be happy to do so.

Please email ASAP, maybe I can use the camshafts I have and save $2,000 off this bill! If you can please send me any information and thoughts you have as well.

PS. I've copied Tim and Don because I figured all you guys want to see the dirty deed that's been dealt to us! Anyway, if any of you guys have any thoughts on how I can uphold the Yankee tradition, and get out of Dodge as cheaply yet safely as possible, I would appreciate it!


Jim Merriman

Bent Valves 1.jpg (26970 bytes)

Left Bank Camshafts.jpg (21938 bytes)

Left Bank Camshafts2.jpg (21665 bytes)

Pistons and Block 1.jpg (20474 bytes)

Pistons and Block 2.jpg (26832 bytes)

Slave Sprockets 1.jpg (20161 bytes)

Thanks Jim,  

We all  hope you get back on the road ASAP.

Tim Wright


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