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John Martin - Cam Failure #511

New 02/06/2005

Dear Larry:
I have written before but I am not sure you got my information about my cam failure.
John Martin, Dearborn Mich.

Ironically I had it into Demmer ford to check out the noise and they did not know what it was and even after an engine diagnosis inspection said the car was good. 2 weeks later the car stopped running. A replacement engine was found and to my surprise it was already in the process of failing. Another engine was found and welded. the original failure happened at 116,000, the replacement with 36,000 on it when I got it now has 60,000 more on it. Car is OK for FWD but the $6000 for the new engine took a big bite out of me. I thought I'd never buy anything but a ford but that may change here this year as I need to find a new ride.

Please let me know if I am in your records. If not I'll supply you with details as needed.

John Martin

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