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John Spangler - Cam Failure #247

new 4/25/03

I own a 96 SHO and was driving hone from work and it just plain quit and I was sitting along the highway with a dead car. I towed the car to a garage and they told me that I had bent valves. I was only driving 50 mph. then they told me that they priced parts to overhaul the engine and it was $6500.00 their cost plus labor which would cost a total of about $9000.00. Then I went to the Ford garage and they told me that the price of a short block was $15.900.00 and they confirmed that the cost price for parts were $6500.00. I love driving my SHO but I can't see putting $10,000.00 to $20,000.00 in a 96 car.

Thank you 
John Spangler

> 61,485 miles

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