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Joseph R Strempek - Cam Failure #590

New 8/24/05

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From: Strempek, Joe R <jrstrempek@babcock.com>
To: Larry@v8sho.com
Sent: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 06:33:57 -0400
Subject: Questions

I had a 96 SHO that experienced engine failure at 91K miles. I was quoted $10,000 for a new engine and decided to sell the car for parts and bought a used 99 SHO.
The 96 also had a rebuilt transmission at 85K miles.
The 99 is now in the shop to have the tranny rebuilt at 85K miles. What a coincidence?
I just happened to stumble across your website and would like to get involved in the class action if possible. These repairs are way too much for me.

Joseph R Strempek

More details pending. - Buford


As promised, the VIN of my 96 Silver V8SHO was 1FALP54N8TA256516.

I sold it to a Ford mechanic in Dec 2001 who was quite eager to get his hands on it.

I enjoyed our brief conversation earlier. Iím sure I can contribute something; just not sure what that would be at this time. Will be in touch.

Joe Strempek

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